Below is the list of artists we are currently working with, if you are interested in commissioning a planter for that special someone or event, we can help out with that too. Please keep in mind we are a Melbourne-based business, so we only sell to local buyers as postage is too risky. Drop us a line over on our contact page if you're interested to know more.

Silk Roy

Silk Roy is always styling up something fresh for your visual pleasure. This smooth multi-disciplinary artist from Melbourne definitely knows the ins and outs of a roller and his way around a spray can.

Find him working on something new at The Arts Hole or switching up his styles here Silk Roy


Chehehe is an Arts Hole resident, WEWF crew member and crazy robotico extraordinaire from the Planet Che. He's always up for a creative challenge, converting objects into custom chebotic peices.

You can find this dodgy character doing all things che-ative here Staying Creative


All round nice guy Ruskidd applies his trade from the Blender Studios in Docklands. His work engages the viewer with vibrant uplifting colours, free flowing organic lines and recurring motifs. He is always painting up a storm around the streets of Melbourne.

If you can ever track him down it will be at one of his many ventures - Looseprint, Lousy HQ but you can stay up to date with him here Ruskidd


Junky Projects hails from the Blender Studios in Docklands and is an aficionado of giving street art tours around the streets and alleyways of Melbourne. JP works in multiple mediums whilst utilising waste and recycled materials as the principle material for his art.

Catch this troublemaker lurking around op shops and junk yards searching for his next masterpiece but always here Junky Projects


DNART is a self taught artist from Bordeaux, France that currently resides here in beautiful Melbourne. Her normal day consists of drawing, making jewellery, making videos and building a community of street artists... learning new things everyday.

"She not only thinks outside the box, but in and around it. She’ll flip that box upside down and shake it out to find a new way of doing things" DNART

Zoe Mullins

This fine artist has developed a practice which looks into the delicate patterns and forms found in nature in a way which seeks to draw attention to the intricacies and inherent beauty present in our environment and in the internal structures of the organic.

Zoe is one smart cookie and a very talented artist. She's been known to heat up the dance floor, so look out for her Zoe Mullins


Crisis, originally from Sydney but now a true blue Melbournite, is another Arts Hole and WEWF crew member. Give this man an idea and he will run with it and you will see it come to life before your very eyes.

If it wasn't for his bike or art he would have a ping pong paddle surgically attached to his hand, catch him here Crisis


Facter, the man behind the brilliant Invurt has skills across the board. He's great with words, a whiz behind the camera and very talented with a spray can. When he's not working, he's working.

If it wasn't for Sci-fi or art, Facter wouldn't need to ever open his mouth. Check out his range of Irikanji Toys and amazing art here Facter


Poise by name, poise by nature. This self-taught graffiti artist was born with a crayon in her hand, upgraded to a spray can and never looked back.

This badass mother brightens up a room, a train line, an alleyway and abandoned buildings. Peep her style here LadiePoise


Stopem loves a good trackside and getting up around the globe. Seen all over Melbourne, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, the list goes on.

This rad dad lets his spray cans do the talking and has style for days. Don't believe me? Check it here Stopem

Mitch Walder

Mitch Walder aka Mit is another brother from The Arts Hole and a WEWF crew member. Let you imagination fly and get lost in this intricate artists work, he really knows how to tell a story with a pen, a brush or spray can.

Whether he's kicking the footy around or battling on the ping pong table you can still find him here Mitch Walder


The Arts Hole forms like Voltron, and Ohnoes happens to be the head. Getting down with graphic design, illustration, painting, aerosol art, digital and hand screen printing for the purpose of prints and apparel.

This Lakers fan is always up to date with the rookies in the NBA, test his knowledge next time you see him Ohnoes


Frosk is an authorised aerosol technician hailing from the land of the Long White Cloud. This talented man of mystery has a thing for iconic toys and breaking them into little pieces for you to feast your eyes on in his art. He's always on the look out for locations for his next masterpiece.

If you've ever walked around the streets of Melbourne, then you've seen his work. You can track him down here Frosk


Kenz's works are mostly influenced with the stages of dreaming, conscious/unconscious state of minds, which are expressed through a palette of soft tones with bold round line works and shapes.he is attracted to this as he believes they represent dynamic expression well.

This young scallywag is never in one place for a long time but his work always is. Stay up to date with him here Kenz

Le Grizz

Le Grizz, an illustrator specialising in murals, maker of fine apparel and self proclaimed 'cheeky muppet' is always on the go. This high-fivng, beer drinking, whisky pouring champion gets his kicks doing what he does best, art.

Even if he's shredding the slops or whipping up a sweet mural you can always stay up to date with him here LΓ© Grizz